Application for AOSF closes on 9 January 2023.


The National Arts Council of South Africa (NAC) invites registered arts organisations/companies within the arts sector to apply for the three-year Arts Organisation Support Funding. Arts organisations active in the disciplines of theatre, dance, music, visual arts, craft, literature, and multi-discipline are invited to submit an application which should specify the critical focus areas their Projects/Programmes address.

The funding will be allocated in line with the six critical focus areas of the NAC reflected below:

  • Social Cohesion and Nation Building
  • Marginalised and Indigenous arts
  • Addressing social ills
  • Supporting vulnerable groups
  • New Works and Digital Arts
  • Capacity Building and Entrepreneurship

Proposed projects/programmes should have impact on arts and/or local communities. The creation of new works, arts development, arts promotion, job creation, capacity building in arts entrepreneurship and facilitation of access to the arts will be taken into consideration. Furthermore, proposals that promote nation building and social cohesion and have a strong community base in collaboration with others working in similar fields will be preferable. Proposed artistic programmes must demonstrate impact and value for the communities they operate in. This invitation also encourages arts organisations that support the involvement of women, youth and people living with disabilities particularly in historically disadvantaged areas.

Consideration will be given to organisations that have the capacity and proven track record to implement arts programmes according to various phases, within the required timelines. In addition, organisations should demonstrate the capacity to utilise the funding with integrity and compliance with the principles and practices of sound governance. The different phases and ceiling amounts for funding are:

Foundation Phase: Organisations operational for 3 – 5 years – maximum of R350 000 per annum

Intermediate Phase: Organisations operational for 5 years or more – maximum of R550 000 per annum

Established Phase: Organisations operational for more than 10 years – maximum of R1 000 000 per annum

Beneficiaries that have received NAC 2022 project funding are not eligible to apply for Arts Organisation Funding. Beneficiaries that receive Arts Organisation Funding are not eligible to apply for project funding during the three-year period. Applicants that have been blacklisted by the National Department of Sport, Arts and Culture and the NAC due to non-compliance of previous funding awards will not be eligible for funding.

Applicants are required to complete the relevant application form, submit a three-year business plan accordingly and comply with the funding criteria and guidelines which are obtainable from the NAC offices, website and via email on request. Please note that late and incomplete applications will not be considered, and no exceptions will be made. Funding is at the discretion of the NAC. The NAC reserves the right to allocate funds according to its priorities. If you do not hear from the NAC by [30 March 2023] consider your application unsuccessful.

Applicants need to register and complete the online application form using the following link : .

Applications close on 9 January 2023 at 11h59pm.

Funding guidelines can be downloaded from

For more information, contact info at the NAC Office.

Tel : 087 7000 683    Email :


The National Arts Council is pleased to announce the call for bursary applications for the academic year which begins in January 2023. Bursary funding aims to provide support to aspirational arts practitioners in the acquisition of relevant arts qualifications and arts related knowledge and skills base.  The funding of bursaries is an essential element for developing the arts to ensure excellence. Through support for the provision of training and education, the NAC offers grants for bursaries to help grow talent of students, art practitioners, art technicians, arts administrators, and other industry related professionals. This ensures that South Africa has a sustainable pool of talented artists and leaders.

The invitation is for post-graduate students and registered education and training institutions that are involved in studies or provision of tuition in the fields of theatre, dance, crafts, literature, multidiscipline, music, visual arts, cultural policy, arts and culture management as well as any arts related course.  This invitation also extends to students applying for Bachelor of Technology degree in the arts. Particular attention will be paid to post-graduate qualifications that address rare skills required in the arts sector.

The invitation extends to:

a. Individual post-graduate studies (both part-time and full-time studies) for the year 2023. The grant will be renewed for the duration of studies, subject to successful completion of each year of study with a minimum pass rate of 65% overall.

b. Block institutional bursaries for undergraduate students who will be studying in South Africa during 2023. Institutions that apply for funding are required to support undergraduate students for the duration of their undergraduate studies, subject to successful completion of each year of study. Institutions should be prepared to enter into a service level agreement with the NAC in the fulfilment of this requirement.

  • Closing date for applications:             06 January 2023 at 11h59
  • Outcomes:                                             17 February 2023

For more information, please contact Arts Development Officers as listed on the NAC website

National Arts Council, PO Box 500, Newtown, 2113. 66 Margaret Mcingana Street, Market Theatre Precinct, Newtown, 2113. Email:


How to apply


For more information, please click here

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